A brand should have one clear message above all others.

Creating a Brand.

This is a short piece but perhaps, the most important of all. Who are you and what do you stand for?

In our experience, it’s the place where most Advertising fails.

Once you’re clear on the customer segment of the market you want to reach (because you think it’s the segment that works best for your revitalised brand/product) and you’ve thought about the real people in that segment, you develop a strategy.

You identify that one thing which they will find most attractive. That’s what we call is THE ONE THING (the USP).

And it’s a sentence.

Think of the discipline of a slogan.

It’s a way of encapsulating that one thing and it should explain, what you do or what you stand for. It should interest and engage people to want to discover more. But moreover, it forces you to think about what you’re doing.

Can you today, if you were in the pub, be as clear about your brand?

It can be simple (and best if it is) like “Ryanair, the low fares airline explains that they’re a low-cost operator in a sentence. Clear and concise. There can’t be any confusion in the pub. “I work for Ryanair and we’re the low cost airline”. The one thing.

Papa Johns “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” can’t create any confusion. That’s what they do and what they stand for.

Nike Just do it explains differently that they’re about health and fitness for everyone. Get up off the couch and just do it! It’s more interesting.

M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hands explains their brand benefit. Who wants chocolate hands? Energizer keeps going and going and going so what else do you need to know? KFC finger lickin’ good. L’Oréal because you’re worth it.  In effect, you’re making a promise but it has to be true.

Is KFC Finger lickin’ good? we would think so.

Did Trump “Make America great again”, we dunno, but he did have a great slogan. A powerful one, not unlike the UK Conservative party, “Get Brexit Done”.

Clear, short, easy to understand that communicates a fundamental, core message. Clarity.

So, by getting it all down to one line, like a slogan, now allows you to easily communicate your brand proposition clearly. In particular, it allows you to show that you understand what you’re about and allows others to understand it too. It’s your Brand Proposition.

Critical, critical and more critical.

But it’s only the start.

However, without this clarity, Advertising becomes more difficult.