How we do it, Who we are

You’re paying too much for your Advertising! It’s as simple as that.


After all, why pay more for the same Ad, in the same place, on the same day?

How? Because we go direct (no commissions, no LTA/AVB buying deals). And, we give you all the advice you need for free! No fees.


Ask us if you need help, advice and Advertising guidance.

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But if you’re clear on what you want…..(if not, call us 085 7100458).

1. You just browse the media choice you want (or use the chatbot from the relevant media section on the homepage or here

You’ll see the discounted price, you just click to book it 247

2. Then you pay for it at the discounted wholesale rate shown, in seconds online and receive an invoice/receipt instantly.

If it’s over 5k, we invoice you.

3. You can then upload your Ad copy onto the platform under your private Dashboard so you’ll always be able to track your Ads. But that’s an option, not a requirement. The Dashboard is free but honestly, worth it.

Or, if you need Advertising created, we can do that for you too

Simple, 247. And if you want expert advice, you just ask us. For free.

How do we save you money?

Admatic allows you to buy your media direct. So we cut out the middleman, saving you money by taking out their high margins. And we’ll give you free impartial independent advice – so we don’t accept media kickbacks/AVBs/LTAS from any Media owner, to recommend their media over others.

Admatic is simple. Faster, Better, Cheaper.

It’s Faster because it’s ‘always on’ 247 online and we’re here to support you 247 when others are closed such as weekends.

It’s Better because you get your own strictly private Dashboard to manage your bookings and all of your Ad copy.

It’s Cheaper because we’ve reduced Agency margins and because of our wholesale buying power.

We do it every day, for over 200 daily Clients with nearly 3,000 visits, to whom we are most grateful.

FREE to browse, FREE to register (we just need your details when you book, no credit card asked for/kept), FREE support/advice, NO Agency FEES EVER you just pay for the Media you choose at today’s guaranteed price.


Admatic is an irish owned family business in name and in ethos, formed by highly experienced ex-Ad Agency people. We can help you with all things Advertising and are supported by the resources of a large worldwide PLC Media Agency/Agencies.

Our CEO Stuart Fogarty is a second-generation Adman. Former – President and Fellow of The Advertising Institute (FIAPI), Board Member and Fellow of The Marketing Institute (FMII), Board member EAAA, Chairman of The Advertising Press Club, Board member of The Publicity Club, Ad Agency CEO and Owner of Ireland’s largest Ad Agency McConnell’s and AFAO’Meara Advertising, Co-Founder of CORE Media Ireland’s largest Media Agency, Co-Founder of Digital Agency ICAN, Co-Founder of Club Internet (floated Nasdaq March 2000 as Via Net Works) and The Video Agency. if ever you need it.

We do NOT disclose existing Clients publicly without their express permission, as they may have other relationships but…if you’re still unclear on anything, please just ask us. 085 7100458.

Our Guaranteed Pricing.

Some Media like TV, you have to enquire because there’s no ‘ratecard’ as such. We do it every day, for over 300 Clients to whom we are most grateful.

Price Guarantee! Our discount and live media cost shown, is guaranteed at your time of booking/purchase even if you’re buying media up to 12 months ahead (with TV an exception). We will ALWAYS try and do even better for you after booking, with bonuses.

You book per appearance day on the drop down Calendar or for ‘packages’ by week, starting Monday. You’ll see them all in your cart, where you pay from. Check it first to be sure! If it’s wrong, it’s probably that you’ve booked extra days. You will then have your own Dashboard to manage all of your bookings.

If there’s a problem, don’t worry, we will sort it out for you.

Please do understand that prices will change upwards always, so you may find that if you return later to actually book, the price may have increased. Dublin Radio stations and newspapers have increased their pricing in both 2022/23 by 7/10% for example. We expect prices to increase further for 2024 by as high as +30%

So we estimate and guarantee our discounted price based on current buying rates as shown. If you advance buy, you only pay that price at booking even if prices increase further before you Ad appears.

So by booking now, we get the best market wholesale prices at the time of your booking and hence your rate is protected at the time of buying. Book early too if you can (8/6 weeks in advance) and you’ll do even better (and notably for Virgin/RTE ‘Advance Booking AB’ deadlines) so you’ll save even more – if you can.

How we take Payment.

For media under 5k, you can pay by Credit Card instantly on the platform via Stripe OR, we can send you an Invoice for EFT (transfer). For bookings over 5k, we Invoice you. Payment is received before publication and invoice/receipt sent automatically to your registered email.

Pricing is still fluid at the moment and whilst our prices as shown are guaranteed, we may do even better for you after booking, with some bonus Ads. We always try.

Remember too, when you book today for any time in the future, that rate applies EVEN IF MEDIA INCREASES THEIR PRICES. Booking now, hedges future price rises.

Therefore, if you book, your payment initially (processed independently by your Bank or by our friends in Stripe and confirms the booking. If you make a mistake, don’t panic either because that can happen and we will sort it for you.

If you ‘enquire now’ payment is not taken and we respond to you to confirm first. But therefore, a booking is not confirmed until payment is made.

If you’re paying in a different currency to Euro (such as £sterling), it’s converted to Euro at the daily market rate in real time as payment is made. We do not profit from Forex. We do accept Crypto.

All bookings are subject to availability, which is normally a non issue. However, it may be for key TV shows (Sports) or key media positions. If that should happen, we will refund you in full immediately, if it can’t be resolved.

VAT Exclusive, VAT Invoice.

All costs are shown as VAT exclusive which is currently charged @23%. Once you’ve bought media, we will then send you a confirmation email and a VAT invoice automatically to the email you registered with, within minutes. Vat Exempt? No problem, just let us know.

If you wish to apply for credit, because of volume, please do so. All first transactions are pre-paid, 30 days credit terms can be agreed, on approval.

Admatic Limited is Registered in The Republic of Ireland 634218

Our VAT number is 3566006BH

How to supply your Ad copy.

We/you must supply Ad copy to each of the media owners you select in time (copy deadlines). Just upload your Ad/s onto this platform in your Dashboard and that’s it done. Or, send it by WeTransfer and we’ll take it from there, or your Agency will know how to send to media – but once you book, we will always be in touch.

Do look at the Copy Dispatch section, noting the need for TV/Radio Copy Clearance. Or, If you want us to create Advertising, or complete Copy clearance (for TV/Radio) please see our ‘Creating your Advertising’ or Copy Clearance sections on the homepage. It’s important to have your Ad ready, before booking media if the campaign is starting close to publication or air date. If you’re buying media, we will include copy production at no cost to you.

If you cancel an Ad booking.

That happens so don’t panic! If you need to cancel a booking, media owners (not us) can/may charge a cancellation fee unfortunately. Sometimes 50% of the original cost, sometimes more, but that fee will depend on the time you cancel before your advertising is due to appear. The earlier you cancel, the less the cancel fee. The later you cancel, the more the fee.

If you are simply moving dates (postponement) that is considered more favourably and usually doesn’t have a fee. We will always argue it for you too.

If your Ad is refused because all Media Owners always have the right to refuse your copy or your booking. Although this is most unusual, it normally relates to products that are in breach of advertising codes, or contravene other special media owner codes regarding political advertising, gambling, alcohol, or offensive material. If that should happen, we will refund you in full without quibble. Or, if you prefer, set about finding the issues and fixing them for you.

If you want to use different commercial lengths on Radio/TV.

All costs are based on 30 second lengths which is probably 95%+ of all commercials. If you wish to use other lengths, you can of course, but you need to convert the 30 second cost as shown below as a percentage cost of the 30 second rate.

Price Conversion from 30” Rates for all media

Seconds/Factor: 5s/50% 10s/50% 15s/70% 20s/80% 25s/100% 30s/100% 35s/+133% 40s/+133% 50s/+167% 60s/+200%

Need any help now?

We want you to ask us! We’re very experienced in helping Advertisers achieve better Advertising. If you’re stuck, don’t give up, call us or see our zoom help. 085 7100458.

If you’re a large Advertiser with multiple Ad buyers, we can set up your own Admatic branded internal platform too. For Design/PR/Promotions/Marketing/Creative Agencies too, we can provide Admatic as your own internal branded system providing bespoke information and your potential to substantially earn from media buying.

Need any help now?

We want you to ask us! So please just do it. We’re very experienced in helping Advertisers achieve better Advertising. If you’re stuck, don’t give up.