Outdoor OOH/DOOH

OOH is busy for Q3/Q4 2023 so early booking now is essential…..you do have to book and then, see site lists, which we know is very frustrating but unfortunately without booking at this stage you’ll have availability problems. When you book, the Contractor then ‘calls in the options’ which means you jump over those who have “pencilled” sites.

There’s a lot you’ll see from our homepage live pricing (click outdoor there), so take your time because Outdoor Advertising (or ‘OOH’ Out of Home as it’s called now) comes in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and opportunities. Digital Outdoor is called DOOH where instead of printed posters, it’s normally a 10 second Ad, rotated (‘looped’) once every 60 seconds, for 24 hours a day for two weeks. All outdoor is bought in two-week cycles and you’ll see the 2023 dates below, starting always on Mondays (but allow 2/3 days for poster postings).

It’s not just Posters on streets, at bus stops but also in cinemas, gyms, on the Luas, on Buses, on the DART. It’s all covered here.

Outdoor is generally more expensive than Print, Radio and Digital because you need multiple posters to create impact, but the real issue is delivery time. It takes time to have your posters designed, ready, printed and posted, so it’s not a response medium but rather, a long-term brand awareness choice although, their Digital formats (DOOH) are changing that. But Outdoor lets you advertise in specific areas that other media does not reach and it’s seeing a positive ‘bounce’ for 2023.

Site lists too, we supply in advance for discussion but availability is always key. You may not always get the exact site you’re looking for if it has been bought by another Advertiser.

That said, Poster/Outdoor Advertising is up for 24 hours and a great for continuous brand Advertising presence in key locations that other media cannot reach. You can literally get your message into the local actual streets/areas that count for your product. Probably in the future, new hybrid working, means walking has become a new sport and so, Outdoor Advertising has and will have, more exposure.

As us on 085 7100458 and we’ll guide you through the Outdoor landscape.

Or Buy Outdoor Wholesale rates, click here! https://app.admatic.ie/catalog/outdoor/b43381b8-67ec-4ee5-9c63-ba9c8a53c4e4

The Two Week 14 day Cycle

In nearly all cases, Outdoor is sold on two-week cycles except where we say it. So, each campaign starts on a Monday of a particular week which has a number (26 cycles) as you’ll see here.

You can’t start Outdoor Advertising mid cycle but on Digital OOH, you can change copy.

Here are the 2023 Cycle dates.

Cycle 1 2nd Jan – 15th, Cycle 2 Jan 16th Jan – 29th Jan, Cycle 3 30th Jan – 12th Feb, Cycle 4 13th Feb – 26th,
Cycle 5 Feb 27th Feb – 12th Mar, Cycle 6 13th Mar – 26th Mar, Cycle 7 27th Mar – 9th Apr, Cycle 8 10th Apr – 23rd Apr,
Cycle 9 24th Apr – 7th May, Cycle 10 8th May – 21st May, Cycle 11 22nd May – 4th Jun, Cycle 12 5th Jun – 18th Jun,
Cycle 13 19th Jun – 2nd Jul, Cycle 14 3rd Jul – 16th July, Cycle 15 17th Jul – 30th Jul, Cycle 16 31st July – 13th Aug,
Cycle 17 14th Aug – 27th, Cycle 18 Aug 28th Aug – 10th Sept, Cycle 19 11th Sept – 24th, Cycle 20 25th Sept – 8th Oct,
Cycle 21 9th Oct – 22nd Oct, Cycle 22 23rd Oct – 5th Nov, Cycle 23 6th Nov – 19th Nov, Cycle 24 20th Nov – 3rd Dec,
Cycle 25 4th Dec – 17th Dec, Cycle 26 18th Dec – 31st. Happy Christmas again!

Digital Posters (DOOH)

As you’ll see, most poster formats are moving towards digital (rather than printed posters) and that does transform OOH into a response medium, even allowing you to change copy during your booking times (within the ‘cycles’). This digitalisation of Outdoor, will transform the business and they’ve even a new name for that – DOOH – Digital Out of Home. The Outdoor industry likes having multiple brands, multiple formats, multiple rates….so please tread carefully to be sure you know what you’re buying. It is simply, very confusing we know, but we’re doing it a long time – happy to help.

Main Large Posters

The main street ‘billboard’ posters come in three key sizes – 96 sheets (largest), 48 Sheet (most common) and 6 Sheet (Adshel Bus shelter size). These are generally nationally placed on sites across the country, but remember, you have to allow time for printing your poster and for the contractor to ‘post’ your poster on the site (which may be affected by bad weather) unless you’re choosing a digital option. For traditional posters therefore, the timeframe depends, but normally Admatic suggests, allow 2/4 weeks for that booking process unless you have your posters ready to go already.

Targeting Shoppers

There’s also a lot of other opportunities as you’ll see to reach Shoppers on-street and in front of or inside, stores. See Invision Posters, Mallboxes, Adboxes, Tesco Live, Adtowers and Town Centres from the Outdoor section on the homepage with live discounted pricing.

Targeting Commuters

Transport Advertising (DART, Luas, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann). There’s great opportunities to advertise on Buses, Luas and Dart as well as transport related sites such as Railway bridges (and the new digital formats just introduced on Bridges). See them all in the homepage Outdoor booking section.


There is different pricing every cycle, so prices change by time of advertising and of course, where (the site) they’re placed. It’s complicated (but really it shouldn’t be), so we’ve tried to simplify it but do ask us. The other issue to consider is the shorter evenings in the Winter months (hence shorter daylight viewability) but most posters are now illuminated anyway.

Poster Creation and Printing

If you need help designing or printing posters see our ‘Creating your Advertising’ tab on the homepage. Yes, we can.

You will see Digipanel and Adshel artwork specs here too adshel_specification-2 Digipanel Specs

Need any help now?

We want you to ask us! So please just do it. We’re very experienced in helping Advertisers achieve better Advertising. If you’re stuck, don’t give up.