Digital – it’s just another media.

You’ll see Digital rates in our ‘Browse Media’ section including Social but also premium digital such as, and

Digital Advertising is no different to other Advertising and it should be treated as part of a communications plan, not separate from it. A mistake we’re all making.

Please see it as another overall advertising medium option and make it fit in to your Advertising campaign.

We do all Google products too (including Pay per Click PPC) and all Social advertising.

The main reason Social is so big (about 50% of the total Irish Ad spend between Google and Facebook/Meta) is because it’s more targeted, more measurable, but also because, it was so easy to buy online.

So by targeting, you reach the people you want to reach easily.

That has changed now with making all media just as easy to buy online too! Thanks to you.

Just ask us.

085 7100458 and we’ll guide you through the Digital landscape.

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Premium Digital

There are a lot of Digital offerings by main media players which you’ll see from the homepage sections., the TV Players,,,, breaking news and so on.

So don’t just think Social, because these sites have extraordinary viewers too. Over 1 million a day for RTE, Irish Times and

All digital works in the same way (albeit finer targeting in Social) in that you get what you pay for. You hut ‘impressions’ which are ‘views’. Guaranteed.

Using a CPM rate (cost per thousand) you’re buying a viewing audience and so your Ad runs until that audience is achieved.

Therefore, it always works.

Never see Digital in isolation. It works best when it’s included in a campaign and the messaging is consistent across all media. Simply, it’s another Media option and not a replacement. Rates, stats in our Digital and Press section when you click ‘Browse Media’.

If you wish to see Digital formats, just click here for full screen.


Social Media

See Rates for Social in our ‘Browse Media’ section for cpt/cpm pricing.

Our Social is largely by request because our Advertisers use Social as part of an Ad Campaign, rather than ‘managing your feed’.

Social is just like any advertising and should be seen as part of a campaign, not separate from it.

Our CPM rates are dramatically low, because of volume as you’ll see, but it’s not just about numbers, it’s about how you do it.

Different Social is used for different reasons at different times (Instagram versus Twitter for example) and so advertising on those platforms should reflect relevance to those audiences.

One size does not fit all. Ask us. We do a lot of it.

Need any help now?

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