Continuous brand awareness

Sponsorship of Radio/TV programmes whilst might seem expensive at the start, offers a lot. Not only do you get a lot of continuous media activity around the programme, but research shows that those who sponsor listener’s ‘favourite’ shows, are considered more favourably by those loyal listeners.

In other words, fans of a programme are more likely to buy from the advertisers who support it. Different shows bring different audiences and positioning with that regular presence. The attitudes of the show, reflects your Brand. You may also bring the sponsorship to life by perhaps having the show’s presenter attend your Events and certainly, generate good PR opportunities which we can help with, through our association with Plunkett PR.

Ask us on 085 7100458 and we’ll guide you through the Sponsorship!

In show Mentions/Promotions

Similarly, in our Radio section on the homepage, you’ll also see the opportunity for low cost weekly in-show mentions and promotions (not long term sponsorship as such) by giving away prizes on Newstalk, RTE Radio 1, and 2FM.


We update you here as shows become available. Keep an eye out but anything new will appear in our ‘New this month’ section always too. It’s good to have a look there regularly.

Need any help now?

We want you to ask us! So please just do it. We’re very experienced in helping Advertisers achieve better Advertising. If you’re stuck, don’t give up.