Press Advertising

Press Advertising is the original of the species, but unfortunately the printed page is suffering now from a lack of readership. Simply, its main product offering was ‘News’ which is now available quicker on mobile.

It was the first media which came into its own in the 1800s – long before Radio and TV – although some Outdoor (largely fly-posting) had existed earlier. The early ‘newspapers’ were hand bills that had a religious context originally.

Newspapers had started to appear in Europe in the 1600’s basically as handwritten ‘news sheets’ notably in Venice from 1556 which had tended to talk about war news. Coupled too with news from the ‘town crier’ who verbally shouted the news through city streets. Hear ye, Hear ye.

The first real ‘newspapers’ had started in Germany in 1609 and the first English language newspaper appeared in Amsterdam 1620. The first French newspaper ‘La Gazette’ in 1631, then Newspapers in Portugal 1641 and in Spain 1661. The ‘London Gazette’ appeared in 1665 twice weekly and the first English daily newspaper started in 1702. In 1785 The London Times appeared, The Manchester Guardian in 1821.

The Irish Times in 1859, The Irish Independent 1905.

They were an extremely limited way to advertise a product or brand, but newspapers ‘developed’ in the early 1900’s and so Newspaper owners began to see an opportunity, not just to charge readers for news, but to develop other new advertising income opportunities.

The first Ad Agencies were in fact simply resellers of Press Advertising (what we’d now call ‘Media Brokers’) and didn’t do creative work.

You’ll find all Irish National Press titles to buy at discounted media rates from the homepage in our ‘Press’ section. As it stands, we’ll do even better for you because it’s suffering, albeit Sunday/weekend titles are holding up more.

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Magazines and Digital

Of course today, in Ireland we have a lot of Newspapers. Not just Dailies, but Sundays and indeed many Regionals (Provincial Press). Added to that, you can advertise in the magazines of Saturday & Sunday newspapers too separately, as you’ll see rates here. And of course, there’s advertising in digital news titles (which you’ll see in our Digital section on the homepage). The Newspaper printed circulations are in global decline, but replaced by Digital offerings. That said, newspapers still have a significant, loyal readership. Don’t ignore them.

Still Powerful

Press Advertising still makes a statement corporately. It also gives you a unique opportunity to feature a lot of text or products which is difficult to do on other media (retailers are a good example of being big Press advertisers as a consequence). And if course when you’re advertising in Press, we can also include their digital offerings. They still have loyal readers. Lots of them.

Need Press Ad Design or resized

We have produced a lot – certainly thousands – of Press Campaigns so please see our ‘Creating your Advertising’ tab on the homepage. We’re very happy to do so and to give you ideas. Especially if you need to resize your existing Ad or creating a new overall concept/idea.

Need any help now?

We want you to ask us! So please just do it. We’re very experienced in helping Advertisers achieve better Advertising. If you’re stuck, don’t give up.