Advertising. Do it Better.

A series of 6 x 1 hour zoom sessions which will give you a better insight into how advertising works, why it doesn’t sometimes and therefore, how to do it better.

This can also be in-office, or in-person, with a bespoke programme for your staff (and we say that, because we’ve been asked to do that too).

You will learn about Advertising, Media and give you new skills to be able to get more from your Advertising campaigns. A full interactive Q&A at the end of each session gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly.

Session 1 The Story of Advertising – understanding it’s history.

Session 2 Building a Brand, Finding a proposition, starting Creative approaches

Session 3 Targeting an Audience. Who are they and why target them?

Session 4 Classic Advertising Campaigns, what works and what doesn’t

Session 5 The Media marketplace including all media and online/programmatic

Session 6 Execution and campaign delivery, the other issues such as Promotion, PR, Experiential to create overall impact with results

Cost 200 euro (plus VAT @ 23%) all 6 sessions.

Any one session 50 euro.

Timings Every Friday for 6 weeks 10am-1pm followed by Q&A

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Stuart Fogarty is a high profile, often controversial, outspoken second-generation Adman. He is CEO of

A real insider as Former President and Fellow of The Advertising Institute (IAPI); Board Member and Fellow of The Marketing Institute; Chairman of The Advertising Press Club; Board member of The Publicity Club; former Ad Agency CEO and Owner of Ireland’s largest Ad Agency McConnell’s and AFAO’Meara Advertising; Co-Founder of Core Media, Ireland’s largest Media Agency: Founder of Digital Agency ICAN; Son of an Ad Agency CEO; Founder of Club Internet (floated Nasdaq March 2000 as Via Net Works); regular media contributor on advertising matters; Sailing World record holder.