Every booking before 5pm March 31st 2023 will receive a 200 euro All Gifts voucher delivered within 7 days to the email you registered with. You can see the vouchers here https://www.allgifts.ie

So once you book, we ask for your email as normal to confirm the booking and that’s the email your voucher will be sent to.

You don’t have to do anything – it will just arrive within 7 days.

You can of course, make one, or multiple bookings and the vouchers will still apply (we won’t trick you!).

But there’s one condition that there’s a minimum spend of 500 euro and that’s it.

Any bookings over 5k will receive a 500 euro voucher and bookings over 10k will receive a 750 euro voucher.

PLUS free access to our Advertising Course (value 200 euro) https://admatic.ie/2023/02/01/1161/

It really is as straightforward as that.

If this is as successful as we think (our January Sale was great, February was great too!) we may withdraw it at any stage before March 31st and if so, it’ll simply end and come off the platform. But if you see it here when you book, it’s live.

If you need any clarity ask Stuart@Admatic.ie or 085 7100458.