“The story in The Sunday Independent June 26th, that media agencies received media kickbacks in this case from RTE, we are fully familiar with and indeed, other forms of inducements to prefer one media owner over another.

Rather than as independent arbiters of media, advising impartially, on what’s the best recommendation.

The difficulty is that Media kickbacks are not transparent and create a potential conflict of interest when recommending media choices to Clients. In other words, advising what media is best to tackle a project, rather than, be clouded by other Agency financial considerations or inducements. Kickbacks for example.

Admatic do NOT accept kickbacks from ANY media owner for exactly that reason.

Never have, never will.

We remain your impartial, independent advisers of media. The whole commission system should rightly be questioned now. But totally assured of our independence and we’re very grateful for your support”.

Stuart Fogarty (former President IAPI and Fellow IAPI).