Remember that on when you book media going forward (say for December/January/February etc) you pay the advertising price on the platform AT THE TIME YOU BOOK. So you therefore avoid any further price hikes and noting a potential deluge (which you’ll see in news just below this) following recent advertising price rises at The Indo, Irish Times, various Radio Stations, it seems to us that further media costs will increase despite our strong discounts.

By buying forward now, you will avoid those additional price rises that in our view, are coming.

Just advice to save you money or at least, not to waste it. Up to you, but like all prices, they are only going one way…..

(We will, we think, be creating a Futures Media Market where you can buy now and if prices rises, sell it on at that higher price then here, making a profit…. Just getting our heads around it…but if you have an interest, do let us know).