Don’t worry because our discounts are still very strong, but that said on foot of the Indo (mediahuis), Irish Times Advertising price increases, now Radio stations are doing the same. But do remember Book early now to avoid further price rises.

98 FM, Spin, Spin SW, Today FM, Newstalk, IRadio, Beat, 4FM, have all increased their rates. Whilst at the same time, October remains media market ‘flat’ as businesses try to recover post pandemic. Then with energy costs, rising inflation, war, salary/recruitment pressures and Sterling fluidity.

Understand that it’s trying to capitalise on the Christmas ‘boom’ but you can only do that if there is one. Increases in prices dampen demand and reduce volumes (you therefore get less volume, which is offset by the price hike and so you can be worse off, especially in a flat market). Odd thing to do, very odd.