March 1st – There’s lots here too. Report by Luke Reaper on the “resilient Irish” as things tighten and a new three-part docuseries will launch on Sky Crime on Sunday, 5 March. Dublin Narcos tells the story of the increase in addiction, violence, and organised crime during 1980s and 1990s. The new Virgin Media (ironically) own take on a summer dating series but it’s like we’ve seen before. Virgin Media’s brand-new series Grá ar an Trá is coming and they’re currently on the hunt for singletons to be in the series.

UM Newsletter Feb 23

Irish people took over 20.4 million public journeys in the first month of the year. That is 64% up on the January 2022 figure of just under 12.5 million and over four times that recorded in 2021. Good news for ‘Global’ and transport advertising which yes, we have on the eh, “platform” here. Cinema news, Digital news, Audio News – have a look.