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The latest JNLR audience figures released today show that the daily radio audience is at 3.35 million listeners, growing by a further 31,000 listeners and up 176,000 listeners over the past 2 years.

 The JNLR report, covering the period October ‘22 to September ‘23 shows that Radio enjoys huge listenership with 92% of Irish adults and 88% of 15–34-year-oldslistening to radio every week.

The daily listenership levels are also hugely impressive with the daily audience growing by a further 31,000 compared the previous research period (July ‘22 –June ’23), with over 3.35 million adults listening to radio every single weekday, a record in recent years. Listenership for 15–34-year-olds also increased with 71% of this age group listening every weekday, an uplift of 12,000 listeners compared to the previous research period. Listening levels to local and regional radio continues to be very strong with almost 2.2 million adults listen to their local or regional station every single weekday.

Radio is enjoying an unprecedented boom period with continual increases in overall audience levels. The latest daily audience levels of 3.35 million represents an increase in 176,000 listeners on an average weekday, when compared to the same period 2 years ago (October ’20 – October ’21).

The ability to access content easily and the quality and popularity of Irish radio means that this latest JNLR shows that the average adult is listening to radio content for over 4 hours each day.

The recently published Irish Audio Report which looks at total audio listening shows that live radio dominates with a 74% share of total listening. Music streaming has a 12% share of listening while YouTube Music and Podcasts have a7% and 3% share respectively.