Gavin Deans Appointed as RTÉ New Commercial Director

From IMJ Adworld: Gavin Deans, the managing director of the Bauer Media-owned Media Central has been appointed as RTÉ’s new commercial director, replacing Geraldine O’Leary who stepped down from the role in July, two months before she was scheduled to retire. Deans, who is 45, will take up his new role in February 2024. Deans is well known and well ...

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Bauer Media JNLR Radio Results! (Excellent people too, deserved).

Radio listenership in Ireland is in a very healthy position, according to the latest survey which shows that close to 3.8million people (3,791,000) listen to the radio every week. Bauer Media Audio Ireland, home to some of the country’s leading radio stations including Today FM, Newstalk, 98FM, SPIN 1038, SPIN South West and Cork’s Red FM now has a combined ...

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Get more Bang for your Booking! One day Flash Sale this Friday 20th only!

    Book any 2 media packages on this platform from 1am Friday morning to midnight Friday night on October 20th and we'll give you an identical package for FREE! Tripling your Advertising in time for Christmas or 2024. Radio, TV, Press, Digital, OOH. If you book 2 different packages (say one Radio, one Press), we'll give you the Free ...

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New Late Late. How did it go?

Late Late Show first night 2023 vs 2022 Patrick Kielty’s first ever Late Late Show on Friday the 15th of September got off to a great start, 614,000 viewers and a 60% share! 2023 vs 2022 opening night of the LLS for Adults, Ads2544, HKWK and AdsABC1.  Big increases for all audiences;  +56% Adults, +52% Ads2544, +45% HKWK and +43% ...

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To build a brand, question everything. Why? Why? & Why again.

The true strength in marketing or advertising is to question everything. The glass is never (and never can be) half full. Think about that. A brand is a 'living breathing thing' because attitudes change, culture changes so brands must change too. Polaroid was innovative. They saw that camera film took days to process then and of course, if you’re ...

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